Chande School & Orphanage

In 2019, Sherlie Scribner visited this community school and homes for orphans at the compound. Supplies and food were purchased for the children in the home.

Children’s Fund, along with other charities are paying tuition for the 150 orphans at Chande and helping pay for caregivers and teachers. This school has 400 students of which 150 are orphans.

The Helen Jones Trust along with support from Friends of Children’s Charities provided funding to help with the repair of plumbing at Chande. The rest rooms lacked sinks, and the toilets were leaking. The entire plumbing system had to be reworked and the fixtures replaced.

The charities together painted all the classrooms and replaced the concrete floors as well as purchasing 100 new desks. Roofs were repaired and faulty wiring was replaced throughout the compound. One classroom building didn’t have any lights, so the building was wired to enable them to have electric lights. Water and sewer connections were also added.