Children's Fund - Building Brighter Futures World Wide. We are a public charity dedicated to children's healthy development and education worldwide. Children's Fund supports organizations and individuals as they seek to meet the needs and nurture the full potential of children from birth to adulthood.


International Projects


  SHERLIE CHILDREN HOME      Payakaraopeta, Visakha District, State of Andhra Pradesh

Sherlie Children Home SherlieHome2016Wall DCIM100GOPROGOPR0263.

Emmanuel Raju established the Sherlie Children’s Home in July 2011 to serve fifty children who lost one or both parents and needed a place to live.  The home cares for the neediest children in the district.  A permanent facility was completed in 2016.  The new facility includes a security wall, a separate area for cooking and more space for each child.   The monthly maintenance costs for these fifty children is $2,000, which includes their food, medical expenses, toiletries, rent, electricity, gas  and water, staff salaries and transportation costs to get them to and from school.

 APNA SAHARA      A Primary School & Home for Disadvantaged Children, Hyderabad

Apna Sahara Class Photo 2W                 Apna Sahara Zoo Trip

Founded in 1996 as a government-registered youth orphanage for boys and girls, Apna Sahara is located in Talab Katta, a semi-slum area of Hyderabad, India.   That same year, Shahzad Khan started a charitable initiative with the mission of making Apna Sahara a more sustainable and nourishing environment for its children.   Recently, the charitable initiative started by Shahzad has expanded its focus to include providing the children of Apna Sahara with the quality education needed to break out of a cycle of poverty and become self-sufficient. In the spring of 2010, Apna Sahara was transformed into a full-time primary school and home for its 40 boys and girls.


calorch Calcutta Foundation Orchestra, was started by Mrs. Fran Caterini, comprised of young string players from an orphanage, Oxford Mission.  In 2000, Children’s Fund began working with the Calcutta Foundation Orchestra through donor advised grants providing training and financial aid for thirty young men from the Oxford Mission. These orphaned youth were trained in classical western music while in the orphanage. These musicians are given financial assistance to work with the orchestra and get further music instruction.     


 ABBA HOME               Lahore

KidsFlags             KidsPresents

We provide support for the Abba Home for girls, founded by Ashraf Naheed, to help the girls stay in school.



  Source of Light Center in Port au Prince

        image001    January 2017 Source of Light

For 4 ½ years after the 2010 earthquake, Simone Saint Louis Morquette cared for orphaned and abandoned children in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.  In 2015, she fell ill and found herself unable to continue her mission.  Most of the Children were welcomed into the Source of Light Center in Port au Prince.  Visit their website at  Children’s Fund continues to support these children with Michele Zimmer-Forster LCSW as the  Northern Virginia volunteer coordinator for the project.  She can be reached at (703) 338-4848 or



 DADA                    School improvements in Bansoa

In 1999, Children’s Fund began providing grants to a group of local residents in Bansoa to improve the education of the children in their community. In 2001, Children’s Fund provided funding for such projects as a well so students would have drinking water at school. We have also continued to replace school roofs. About 350 children have benefited from these school improvements. Children’s Fund continued to provide direct grants through 2009. Children’s Fund direct grants are presently the sole funding source for this project. An increased level of direct support is anticipated.

 AMEIBANS        School improvements in Djottin

in English-speaking Djottin, both of which are in the western area of Cameroon.  In 2011, we helped establish libraries and sent books and instructional materials.



 FOODSTEP                                           Kampala


Children’s Fund works with  McLean Baptist Church to support Foodstep which gives orphaned children a place to live and provides them with food, clothing and medical care.  The government has “imprisoned” these children because they were living on the streets and begging.



 CHANDE                    Orphanage and School in Kitwe


Children’s Fund works with  McLean Baptist Church to support children in the Chande Orphanage in Kitwe.  This project is run by Patrick Chanda.  Students attend classes in rooms with no light except from the windows.  Nonetheless, they are serious about their studies and enjoy their free time.  Many of these children are AIDS orphans


El Salvador

 Misión Vida y Paz          Chalchuapa


MVP (Misión Vida y Paz, or Mission Life and Peace in English) began when a group of pastors and leaders in the town of Chalchuapa came together, determined to actively work against the challenges facing their town.  Like many communities in El Salvador, Chalchuapa is a culturally-rich town that suffers from violence, lack of opportunity, and broken families.  The MVP team works directly with children and youth to create a culture of peace and share a message of hope through mentorship and weekly classes in public schools.