Children's Fund - Building Brighter Futures World Wide. We are a public charity dedicated to children's healthy development and education worldwide. Children's Fund supports organizations and individuals as they seek to meet the needs and nurture the full potential of children from birth to adulthood.

Employee Engagement

Engage your employees in the mission of Children’s Fund.   You and your colleagues can make an impact through workplace fundraising events. Some ideas include: Outrageously Orchid for Orphans Days, car washes, candy sales, dinner parties and silent auctions.

Employees can participate in or volunteer for Children’s Fund’s annual River Run for Orphans in DC.

Employees can sponsor a child at $30/month.

For companies that have an annual charity campaign, employees can designate Children’s Fund as the recipient of their contribution.

For more information on fundraising events, matching gifts or payroll deductions, please contact us.